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The emergence of false theories in Christianity until the end of the world

False teachings


The emergence of false theories in Christianity until the end of the world

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Early Christians

Jesus, when he lived on this earth to teach men and their disciples everything that is right and what they observe. He came to reveal the nature of the Father's love and fulfill the promise of our redemption. Jesus and his disciples, including respected throughout the Ten Commandments on Saturday and taught people about the commandment of love and humility. After his resurrection, early disciples preached the truth and many people believed in Jesus Christ as Redeemer of the world. When Rome destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD, to those who were faithful to Jesus and gave warnings to save time and fled. They broke up throughout the Roman Empire.

But the persecution began to destroy the Christian Church. Satan, who used pagan Rome against the Christians mounted a furious fight. Christians have suffered, lost their homes and have often been cruelly killed by burning or otherwise. Still growing anger and rage, but the power supply to Christians to be faithful unto death. The one killed a Christian many of them believed, and Christianity is still growing.

Christianity with paganism LINKS

Where Satan failed the persecution of the Church, began to focus on peace and fraud. At that time there were widespread paganism and one of the greatest expressions of the worship of the sun god. Day of the Sun God was Sunday and the pagan worship of many sculpture and images. World Christians began to accept and easier (which is Satan's plan, important) Christians also began to take its world. As a Christian it is not dangerous, crowds began to cross the pagans to Christianity. They accepted the biblical teaching while they retain their pagan hearts.

Changed only the revered idols of their deities images to images of Christ, Mary or the saints. Customs, festivals and superstitions of the pagan temples simply dragged into Christianity. It was a great effort to distinguish themselves from Judaism and Jews as the most prominent feature is the consecration of the sabbath, therefore, changed the Sabbath to Sunday - the day the Sun God, because Christ was resurrected on that day. Early 4th century, 7 March 321, then took the Emperor Constantine, a Christian Roman Emperor, the first Sunday law under the name "Sunday, holy day sun." Church and state leaders are gradually united to that shift in emphasis from the true biblical Sabbath to the alternate day.

What prevailed, but not Christianity, faith in Jesus Christ, but paganism. In fact, pagan Rome lives on, just dressed up and decorated, but without the spirit and teachings of Christ! Bishop Roman emperor took place, and replacing it with a crown tiara.

Such pagan Christianity was not a surprise to God. Much earlier, Jesus Christ warned not to return until a revolt against God.

2nd Thessalonians 2,3-10 - Do not let anyone deceive in any way. Until that day comes, there needs to be turned away from God. They must discover the wicked and reprobate, who opposes and exalteth himself above all that what it says and what God is worshiped.

Settle even in God's temple and will issue a God! Do you not remember how I told you when I was still with you? You know what prevents him yet - may in fact occur until that time. The secret of this wickedness, but it works, just waiting for it to disappear the obstacle. When he discovers that the wicked, the Lord Jesus will kill him the breath of his mouth, destroying its brightness it coming. The advent of the wicked will become Satan's activity, all the false powers, wonders and miracles. With all the folly is to deceive those who are heading to disaster, because he did not love the truth, which could save.

Believers, therefore, committed, and gradually began to compromise the biblical place Saturday exalt Sunday. Saturday, however, be more respect and a faithful supporter of the truth of God is not willing to give of God. For centuries until today runs a chain of faithful who keep God's truth. Even at the largest religious persecution by the Inquisition during the Middle Ages, Saturday observance. Valden formed a group of Christians, in addition to fonts that have not received any new teachings of Jesus and considered the sole head of the Church. They lived in a mountain shelter and spread the news.

Dr. Kenneth Strand, a professor of church history at Andrews University in Berrien Sprongs clearly states that until the second century there is no concrete evidence that anyone Christian holy week each Sunday.

Josephus writes: There is not one city in Greece, even in the pagan world or in other nations, which would not get our custom of resting on the seventh day!

Learning to change the Roman Pope as head of the Church of Christ, did not rely on biblical principles. The most basic biblical teachings on salvation through faith in Jesus Christ has been lost in the vast scheme of intrigue, repentance and pilgrimages. Christian doctrine of salvation and degenerated into a dogma by which people can gain indulgences by waiving the penalty for sin, or that throwing money into the temple treasuries may redeem their relatives and friends from purgatory.


The idea of the immortality of the soul brought into its present form by the Greeks. In the Greek world came the belief in human immortality in the second half of the 5th century BC. The most famous proponent of this theory was Plato. Now he particularly emphasized the idea that the body is the prison of the soul, because death is liberation of the soul from this prison. The Old Testament teaches, but the immediate continuation of life after death. Even Jesus did not teach anything new about human nature.

Even the Christian Church was not spared this imperial theory. Even before they died eyewitnesses of Jesus' resurrection, there were many who argued that there is no resurrection. 1st Corinthians 15.12. Over time, Christians have reported increasingly pagan philosophers who wanted to unite philosophy the era of the Christian faith.

Tertullian (born 150 AD) is the first Christian to the system adopted in learning purgatory, hell, eternal torment and prayer for the dead. The hope of resurrection is thus suppressed and put into the background. This theory is increasingly getting into Christianity. The final form of the doctrine of the immortality of the soul gave Thomas Aquinas (born 1226) and the fifth Lateran Council in December 1513, Pope Leo X proclaimed official dogma of the natural immortality of the soul.

Learning about the so-called immortality of the soul does not come either from Judaism or from Jesus Christ.

The connection between the Christian and the pagan world had devastating consequences for Christianity. Indeed, when two rivers merge, one with a dirty and clean with clear water, then there is no dirty water clean, but clean water loses its purity. That's what happened to the Biblical teachings. The teachings of Jesus, only a few left.

BEGINNING Reformation

In the past, but God was always faithful to her and a few very brave men who stood up against false teaching and preaching the truth by the Bible. One of the first was John Wycliffe, who studied the Bible and criticized the practice of indulgences blackmail. Wycliffe was not the only Catholic who opposed their church. In the 15th century by Jan Hus preached the truth, the truth that his life and those faithful people began the slow progress of the Reformation, or a cleansing of the Church from false theories.

Another important figure in history was Martin Luther. Luther began making thoughtful Catholics throughout Europe to lose confidence in a number of myths which have grown up and instead seek salvation only through the merits of Jesus Christ Himself. With Luther's courage and determination to light a thousand years writing uncovered errors and superstitions. Came more and more reformers throughout Europe and fought for truth and died for you. But despite the many people for burning and killing the truth, the other due to their bravery and love of believers. Protestantism spread and carved out a place.

Thus, several Protestant churches, each of which the Reformation took a piece of a truth closer to the Biblical teachings.

ORIGIN AND INSOLVENCY Protestantism bigotry

Satan again, but wanted to prevent the spread of truth and because it was not violence, that affect many people lapsing into fanaticism and extremism. They did not claim to divine revelation and claimed to have a complete reformation. In reality, however, rejected the basis on which the Reformation was built - Oz word, the Bible. And this created a lot of fanatical groups and sects, but they are not Bible teachings.

Despite a bloody conflict with Rome, the English reformers retained many medieval customs and ceremonies, which led many to leave only the Anglican Church, as well as England. Because they were persecuted again, this time thousands of Protestants fled to the New World - America. Protestantism, but soon began to decline and churches in both America and Europe have appreciated the contribution of the Reformation, failed to grow spiritually. Although some have spoken and acted against errors in the nineteenth century needed Reformation Protestants as Catholics in Luther's time.


However, all Protestants in America asleep. Many more began to study Bible prophecy, especially Daniel and Revelation of John. Farmer William Miller, became a diligent student of the Bible and books of the Bible and refute the many errors of that time. For example, belief in the millennial kingdom of peace before the end of the world, but he was also convinced that Jesus' coming is near.

It found that because of the prophecy in Daniel 8th chapter where the animals perform, which provide world-empire. Compared them with the history and concluded that the prophecy identifies the ram as Medo-Persia (20.verse), a goat, Greece (21.verse) and the nameless little horn as another world power, larger than the previous two, which appears to Greek empire, chasing the people of God and lasts until the end of time (23 to 25 verse). The only power that fits this description, the Roman empire, both in pagan and in Christian form.

The real fulfillment of the little horn of Daniel's prophecy 8. chapter wrote church historian C. Mervyn Maxwell, "can only be the Roman Empire and its successor, the Roman Church."

The whole vision ends with the words "It will be 2,300 evenings and mornings," he replied. "Then the sanctuary shall be reinstated." Millerit thought that shrine means our country and because in most of the time prophecies day symbolizes the year, 2300 years, and as interpreted by Daniel in the ninth chapter, which is determined by the beginning of the thought that Jesus Christ will come in 1844.

But Christ did not come yet for 1844 was calculated according to Biblical prophecy was correct and based on key events in world history - the first coming of Christ. Early understanding of scripture that this shrines do not think our country, but the sanctuary in heaven. It is the center place where Christ's saving work for humanity, and where Christ intercedes for the people.

Romans 8.34 - Who will condemn us? Christ Jesus died, but was mainly raised from the dead, the right hand of God and pray for us!

Hebrews 9.23-26 - Christ did not come into the holy places made with hands (which is only of the true), but into heaven itself, for us to stand before God. Also, because there came to be sacrificed again and again, like every year the high priest enters the Holy of Holies with blood (which would then have to suffer from the creation of the world many times), but has now at the end of the age to his victims once and for all erase sin.

Revelation of John 11.19 - then opened the temple of God in heaven, and his temple was seen the ark of his covenant.

The entire prototype earthly sanctuary and Israel victims pointed to the heavenly sanctuary where Jesus Christ intercedes for us and where it is still valid with the ark of the covenant of God desaterem. Was so Adventist Church (Advent = expectation), who expected Christ's coming. After a disappointing understand that Jesus cleanses the heavenly sanctuary, which pointed to the Old Testament precedent, pointing to the still valid and unchanged God's law, including the commandment of Saturday as a day of rest.


God sent another messenger, who was a woman this time, Ellen Gould White. It means helping people understand the interpretation of the Book of Daniel and Revelation of John and understand the truth of our redemption and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The believers can understand the beautiful links of the Old Testament foreshadows the victims of the sanctuary and the New Testament, when Jesus Christ fulfilled this promise and prototypes and is now in the heavenly sanctuary itself intercedes for us. God has given her through the other lines, such as not to be seduced by false doctrines and false prophecies, which will end the world increasingly. How to wait for the arrival of Jesus Christ with a pure heart and pure learning.

The Reformation was thus completed and the first Adventists began again sanctifying the Sabbath as a day of the LORD, and keep learning, maintaining that Jesus Christ and the early Christians.

Satan will now try to answer all their false theories and doctrines of Christianity connected with non-Christian, perhaps many of you already feel this effort. He needs to unite the world in order to fulfill his theory of millennial kingdom on earth, and incorporate into an angel of light in order to imitate Christ's coming and bring all people. It is written if it were possible even the elect would be deceived.

2nd Corinthians 11.14 - and no wonder, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light! There is therefore nothing special when his claim to be servants of righteousness.

2nd Timothy 4,3-4 - because the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine, but will suit your taste surrounding the teachers who will tickle their ears. Turn away their ears from the truth and resort to myths.

1 Timothy 4.1 - The Spirit clearly says that in recent times, some people leave the faith to follow wandering spirits and demonic teachings.

Satan knows that the time history of the world is no longer added up. He was defeated as we have already written. He was defeated by Jesus' death for us. Faith in Jesus Christ can we escape from Satan's power.

Matthew 24,4-5 - Jesus answered them: "Be careful that no man deceive you. Many shall come in my name, saying, 'I am the Christ' and shall deceive many.

Mark 13.26 - then see the Son of man coming in clouds with great power and glory.

Luke 17.24 - as if lightning lights up the country from one end of the sky to another, so will the Son of man in his day.

Through the Holy Scriptures and through God's Spirit revealed God to all mankind great principle grounded in God's law. We will be among those who love the Redeemer to comply?

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