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Traces of life in the universe is looking for over a century in vain

Evolution or Creation?


Traces of life in the universe is looking for over a century in vain

Added: 17.02.2011
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Topics: Evolution or Creation?

Many now believe that life could develop elsewhere in the universe. In fact, there are traces of life are looking for more than a century entirely in vain, and only because of the primitive notion of some scientists, that "where water and good conditions, there is also makes a life! The desperate search for life in space but also leading increasingly clear scientific evidence that life on earth itself could not arise. Therefore, materialistic and atheistic dreamers relegate the origin of life into the "mysterious reaches of the unknown." There will be smarter about coincidence and improbability likely (what if there is true, that 5 / 10 = 90%?).

As already noted, in a sterile environment, free from germs of life, life by itself can not occur. (That's why we can make peace preserved.) Traces of life could not be found anywhere in the nearby universe - because life is only from life! If it was so easy (just enough time that's it!), Why would the planets evolved, first things easier? Maybe semiconductors? Silicon and is there enough time, right? According to evolutionary imagination of inanimate matter can create only so blindly, without a program or thinking designer, the most complex machine world, a living organism. In addition, a complex program for its own reproduction. Why not develop something much simpler, non-living?

Why "Nature" has not made the first stone houses or plastic hydrocarbons, such as plastic bags? Why jumped simpler things (dead) and just started to construct the complex - a living cell, they can not even create one?

In other words, watch themselves unable to rise, so a watchmaker? House no, yes mason? Nature does not make a plastic bag, but a chemist do? Just water, warmth, light and millions of years, says the atheistic propaganda and the so-called "hard science", which propírají minds of students and the public for decades.


Job 38,4-13 - Where were you when I founded the earth? Just tell me when you understand. Who determined its dimensions? Surely you know! Who remeasured rate it? Embedded into what are the basics? Who laid the corner-stone, when the morning stars sang the chorus and all the sons of God shouted with joy? Who's the sea with doors closed, when he had spewed forth out of the womb, when I dressed cloud cloud wrapped in swaddling clothes as if I had set the limits of her, planted a gate on the door and said: This is mixed up here, and no further , your swollen waves break here '? He ordered morning you have ever, ever place show Aurora, took the floor to the edges and nothing out of it rushed?

Job 38, 18-19 - Understand Earth's dimensions? Just tell me when you understand everything! Which way is the way to the abode of light? And where darkness dwells?

Job 38, 31-34 - Can you tie the bonds of the Pleiades or Orion's belt to allow? You give them time to get the planets, you're doing Mother Bear and her cubs? Actually you control rules? Arrange the country controlled by them? Can you call the cloud that you felt a burst of water?

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